Hold My Hand

William M. Verch

What is fun for you?  Through the years, one of my passions has been going to college football games.

I vividly remember the first game of my freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I was a "Marching Tarheel" - a trumpet player in the band.  As we neared the stadium, there was a thunderous cry, which really startled me.  The crowd, in unison, was calling out "Tar" then "Heels."  It echoed through the pine trees like a great cry of battle.  I had never heard anything like it before and it sent a wave of excitement through my body that I can still feel.

So Many People

Seeing a college football game in person is such a pageant.  The beautiful colors, the inspiring music, the rich smells, the excitement in the air and the people.  There are so many people at a game. Thousands and thousands of them.

After I graduated, I continued to come back to see football games. Now when you leave a football game at Carolina, you have to walk about a mile through campus, crossing streets and such, to get back to where you've parked.

People are walking everywhere in huge numbers.  They hold up at cross streets for a break in the traffic, then they cross the street en mass.

An Unexpected Trust

It was at just such a cross street that I noticed a little boy walking beside me.  He must have been about 7 years old.  No adults around seemed to be his parents.  The group of people we were in waited to cross the street and then started to move.

All of a sudden, I felt a little hand come up into my hand.  This little boy instinctively had reached up to hold my hand.  I was shocked and then touched that he trusted me.  You'd better believe that I made sure of his safe passage across that street.

A Powerful Promise

There is a verse from Isaiah that reminds me of this very event:

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. - Isaiah 41:13

Many times since that football game, I have seen myself as that little boy.  I instinctively reach up for the security of God to hold my hand. It is an awesome promise and it is for you.  That God is there.  Do not be afraid.  He will help you.

Keep trusting that God knows what He's doing with your life.  He's in complete control.  There are frustrations and even great pains which we have to go through in this life, but be at peace.  God will surely and safely lead you through the path He's chosen for you.

In His Love,

P.S.   Please remember to pray for this ministry. Thank you!

William M. Verch

Bible quotations are from the New International Version (NIV)
and the New American Standard Version (NASB)

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