Are You Surprised That Life Is Hard?

William M. Verch

For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it. - Matthew 7:14

I have been surprised.  Honestly, being a Christian has been a difficult journey.  In the English Standard Version of the Bible, the verse above is translated as "For the gate is narrow and the way is hard…"  There has been much in this life that has been wonderful for me, but also much that has been hard and disappointing.  It doesn't matter though.  Being a Christian is the right way.  It is the only way. It is, without a doubt, the truth.

I keep wanting this life to be heaven, when clearly, it is not going to be.  I write this not to discourage you, but in fact to encourage you. Stick with it.  You're doing the right things.  God will hold you up and see you through.

Is It All Downhill?

I was thinking this week about something a friend once said.  He said, "I don't see any pluses in getting older."  I used to think he was right, but now I know he's wrong.  Here's the truth - as you go through life, good and bad grows together.  It's just like the story of the wheat and the tares (weeds) in Matthew 13.  Good and bad both grow in your life until the end of your life.

Yes, you will have more difficulty physically as you grow older, but you will gain relationships and experiences.  You can also learn new things right up until the moment of your death.

One of the most painful parts of growing older is losing people.  The most reassuring thoughts about that are that they aren't gone, they just aren't here.  There is strong Biblical evidence that they remain fully aware of you and everything going on with you. (Luke 16, Hebrews 12:1)

But I Want To Know WHY!

Part of why God allows difficulties in this life is so you will constantly turn to Him.  He gives direct promises that He will help you through every single difficulty you have.  Don't make the mistake of turning away from God because you're disappointed.  He's the way out - always.

It's ok to be mad at God.  Just don't stay mad.  Tell Him you're mad. Talk to Him and listen.  He understands your frustrations and He will love you tenderly and help you through them.  There are many things in this life that you will look back on and go "Now I understand."  There are other things in this life, though, that you will NOT understand until you are with the Lord.  Have peace about those things and faith that God will indeed dry your tears and heal your heart.

In His Love,

P.S.   Remember, the most important thing you'll do all day is to spend time with God.

William M. Verch

Bible quotations are from the New International Version (NIV)
and the New American Standard Version (NASB)

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